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Terms & Privacy

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Terms of Use

Acceptance of Terms of Use

This Website is the property of Kimura & Partners. Please carefully read the following terms before using this Website. By accessing and using this Website, you are indicating your acceptance of, and agreement to be legally bound by, this Agreement and the following terms of use.


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Legal Disclaimer and Release

Subject to applicable law, Kimura & Partners disclaims, and you hereby agree to release Kimura & partners of all liability for damages of any kind, and without limitation, arising from the use of this Website or the information contained herein.  

The information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only. Kimura & Partners makes every effort to provide accurate information. However, we do not guarantee its accuracy: the information on the Website is not and should not be taken as legal advice. Your reliance on such information does not establish a lawyer-client relationship between you and Kimura & Partners or any party associated with us. Prior results, articles, success stories, or other materials available on the Website do not guarantee a similar outcome in future matters or representation.

Privacy Policy

In all respects of receiving and handling personal information, Kimura & Partners will comply with the governing laws regarding protecting personal information privacy.

As Intellectual Property lawyers, Kimura & Partners is committed to respecting your rights and obeying the law. We are committed to protecting personal information about individuals and the business information that we collect in serving clients. We protect clients’ intellectual property such as patents, industrial designs, trademarks, and copyrights, by registering them and, in some cases, defending them. We may need information about the individual creators and company employees when doing so. We will also need various other types of information relevant to the matter we are dealing with.

We are accountable for the information you give us. We will always explain why we need information, and we will use it only for that purpose or as the law requires. We do everything reasonable to keep your information safe and never share your information with any party other than those we have identified to you in advance or as necessary by law. We will never sell any of your information.

If our work requires us to share your information, such as with necessary agencies, courts, or other lawyers or parties, in any country, we will ensure they also agree to adhere to the appropriate privacy laws governing their work.