Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights

Registration and defense of your IP elements can be more essential than patents to competitive success and profits. Japanese regulations and policies can be complicated and are always changing. Kimura ensures that your IP registrations fully incorporate the most favorable conditions for your protection.


Tokyo-based IP law firm, Kimura & Partners. Services Trademark

A trademark includes any word, name, symbol, sound, color, device, or any combination that makes your products unique from those manufactured or sold by others. A registered trademark can be the best protection to stop other companies from producing and selling goods and services under your brand name or your trademarked characteristics. All countries where you are registered are required to stop all unauthorized uses of registered trademarks.

As with Patents, Kimura will work with you to evaluate and advise on your design. Whether you have already established your name and design or not, Kimura can help ensure you gain trademark registration. We will manage the process of application, examination, and appeal, as required.

Industrial Designs

Tokyo-based IP law firm, Kimura & Partners. Services Industrial Designs

Whereas patents address the technical and functional aspects of an invention, Industrial Design registration is concerned with a product’s appearance. WIPO defines Industrial Designs as “compositions of lines or colors or any three-dimensional forms which give a special appearance to a product or handicraft.”

Your product can be recognized by its design and aesthetic aspects, which can be seen or felt. Copying your product’s design can be very damaging to your business since appearance may be how customers choose among competitive products. Iconic products are recognized by their distinct appearance. For many products, design and appearance will be a vital element in selling and competition. If so, registration of an Industrial Design is recommended.

Other Services

Patents and Utility Models. Preliminary Search, Assessment and Registration

Kimura has the skill to research the IP landscape and to author your patent or utility model application in the most advantageous way possible.

IP Infringement Defense, Dispute Resolution and Licensing

Quickly eliminating competitive copying or infringement, if it happens, is vital. Kimura has deep experience and success in fighting and winning IP dispute matters on behalf of its clients.

IP Rights Management and Maintenance

Your IP is a vital part of your business position and strength. Beyond registration, there are other important considerations regarding your IP.